I have just done a fresh install of Mountain Lion, and installed all my development tools one by one. I have carefully selected the ones I really use, and installed nothing else but those. Here’s a list:*Dash: API Documentation browser. I use it mainly for Cocoa documentation, but it has compatible docsets for almost everything you can imagine. However I prefer the website version for some documentation like Ruby’s or Rails’ documentation.

  • Alfred: Very useful to launch apps. I have also set search shortcuts for some websites and I run some bash scripts directly from there.

  • Codekit: If you use a preprocessor like SASS, LESS. etc, this app watches for changes in your project directory, processes your files and auto refreshes your browser. Awesome.

  • Sublime Text 2: What to say about the best text editor on earth 😛 It deserves a separate blog entry for it’s plugins.

  • OH-MY-ZSH: Adds coloring and many useful scripts to your Terminal.

  • RVM: Manages multiple versions of Ruby on the same machine and lets you create per-project gemsets.

  • CodeRunner: When I want to test some small scripts or some function arround in a language, I prefer to use this app instead of having to create a file and running the terminal commands.

  • Divvy: Manages the position of windows. Helps me a lot to rearrange the screen when I have many terminals/editors/whatever opened.

  • BetterTouchTool: I have a few personalized gestures for the magic mouse and the trackpad.

  • GIT: Yeah, DVCS.
    So, what development tools do you use? 🙂